Anna Atkins

anna atkins

We were super excited to see Anna Atkins celebrated on the Google home page today! She was one of the first woman photographers, and is widely credited as the first woman to take a photograph and the first person to publish a book illustrated with photographs. Anna’s work was mostly cyanotypes, which are a type of contact print.

220px-Anna_Atkins_algae_cyanotype 220px-Anna_Atkins_Title_Page_of_Photographs_of_British_Algae_Cyanotype_Impressions_(Detail) 220px-Anna_Atkins_woodhorsetail_cyanotype 2009-71-2-a_atkins-parisarguta_recto_web algae10 anna-atkins-photographs-of-british-algae-cyanotype-impressions-1843-44-f1983-12 Anna-Atkins

Cyanotypes are easy and fun to make! There are kits that come with cyanotype paper ready to use. They are typically called Sun Prints or Sun Print paper available here:

 220px-Anna_Atkins_woodhorsetail_cyanotype 220px-Anna_Atkins_algae_cyanotype

And here is one I did in college using cyanotype I made and painted onto paper (the old fashioned way):