Delicious Eats from Milestone 229!

I wanted to share some delicious food from Milestone 229 today. If you haven’t been there, it’s an amazing place to go when the weather is nice! Sit on their patio and enjoy downtown and the Scioto Mile (and their amazing food as well)! Enjoy!

Foodie Friday 5/29/15

We wanted to start a tradition on our blog called Foodie Friday! We will feature a dish that we have shot and where you can get it! First up is Asparagus Fries from the Columbus Brewing Company Restaurant! Beer battered asparagus spears served with Sriacha ranch. They are pictured here with their beer! I believe this was their Pale Ale. Check out their menu here.

food photography

Peking Dynasty Food Photography

We shot food & interior shots for Peking Dynasty in Bexley. They were gracious enough to feed us afterward and it was delicious! I highly recommend this place! Check out their website here:

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