Anna & Dustin Married!

We’re catching up on getting things posted around here, so we thought we would share Anna & Dustin’s wedding from September last year!

They got married at Pleasant Valley Farm in Lucas, Ohio. It’s a beautiful barn venue that we hadn’t been to before. The property is amazing with a big lake, beautiful fields and meadows, tons of trees and beautiful barns. The main barn itself is really amazing and has gaps in-between the boards that lets the light shine through all the day and especially at sunset.

Anna & Dustin had their ceremony in a field down on the lower part of the property. I especially loved all the goldenrod that was peppered throughout the ceremony. The reception and cocktail hour were up by the barn. They hired food trucks to cater, Explorer’s Club made delicious food for us all.

The reception was full of fun things to do including a campfire, lots of dancing, yard games, yummy desserts and a pretty sunset by the lake! It was a lovely wedding and reception and we can’t wait to go back to this lovely venue!


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